Child Loss: “in painted words and written pictures”

This is not my first blog , however it is the first one I am going to publish on here



Child Loss:

“in painted words and written pictures”

It is a odd combination of words , some may even be sat scratching their head at the title of this blog, The thing is some people’s only way of honouring there angels is to make graphics for people.( See example below )

2 examples of graphics I have made for people


For those that don’t know my story I will quickly touch up on my loss. Back in 2013 we sadly lost our son Oliver who was born at 27 weeks, he lived and fought for 19 hours. After Our loss there was little or no support offered to myself , I will link my full story should you like to find out more , and it is a bit long winded (

Fast forward just over a year and I was fortunate to find Daddys WIth Angels . I go into more details on them in the blog I liked earlier. After several months I was invited to join them as a group admin , as time progressed this moved onto making graphics for them , my skills at the time were very poor , However paul the owner helped me hone some basic skills and the rest is history from there .

Fast forward to now and I am a trustee for the charity and the Graphics Team Leader for the Graphics Department . My job is to oversee a team of 3 in total and ensure tasked jobs are completed .

At the very core of this is making various graphics and quotes for the community page , compiling graphics for videos, and all other related media items for the charity.

A example of a video I produced for Daddys With Angels


Going from making very basic graphics to making very complex ones that can take several hours to complete , I would say My biggest achievement and the one I am most proud of is the Digitisation of the charities logo to make it suitable for various different mediums.

This took all in all about 36-40 hours to complete , But it was time well spent and As I say I am very proud of it .


For me finding an outlet through graphic design has been a huge help, I also fund raise, write blogs and offer support to anyone needing it .

We all have our little part to play in this child loss journey and our own skill sets, graphics bring great comfort to those who request them , something so easy to make and so simple can have a huge effect.

I had this blog in my head for a little while and had to get it out, not sure if it makes much sense but I hope you enjoy reading it

Warren Morris
Daddys With Angels
Lead Graphics Support


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