Holidays and Grief

Photo by Ketut Subiyanto from Pexels

The one thing that is absolute in child loss is how much special times of the year suck.

Besides birthdays, father’s Day/ mother’s Day , Christmas is the one huge one that we all feel the same about , more so if you haven’t had the opportunity to have more children following a loss . 

For me as an angel dad to 1 , Dad to a beautiful rainbow and step dad to a wonderful little boy, you would think I enjoyed Christmas , Sadly I don’t , I hate It with a passion, And if I could get away without celebrating it I would .

You see having 2 living children doesn’t change my mind on Christmas, because there’s one important person missing and that’s Oliver & that won’t ever change .

I really wish I could enjoy Christmas , but I just can’t . Of course come Christmas day I’ll be all smiles for the family but , deep down it will break me just as much as every other year since Oliver died .

So this Christmas do what you want to do , grieve how you want to grieve and only do something you are comfy with .

My one bit of advice as I finish this blog is to make sure you talk to someone when your feeling at your lowest, don’t ignore it find someone to talk to and don’t do it alone.

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