Talk to us campaign

Daddys With Angels the leading Male loss Child loss charity that caters to but not exclusively to Male family members following the loss of a child has a current campaign running entitled “Talk to us”.

Recently I spoke to Mark Cowdell Angel dad to Nyla ( click for Bio ) Who volunteers for the charity and asked him more about the campaign, Mark said the following :

Q: Where did the idea Originate for the campaign 

A: I originally designed a graphic without the tagline , and that graphic was inspired from hearing a quote which was “ I  would rather hear someone moan to me than hear their obituary at their funeral.

Q: Ah yeah I’ve heard that saying , It’s very poignant , So where did the discussion lead you to next?

A: Dan Hill (Director Of Daddys With Angels )  asked what it was I was trying to say with it – what was I trying to achieve and so I said that I wanted to get people to talk to us. We know that men’s mental health can be overcome by talking. I added the tagline and made it impactful.

Q: Sounds like an idea that started off small and grew into something much bigger , So where did you go from there ?

A: I came up.with the next couple and I suggested to Dan and Alex that we have it as a campaign that we release graphics over time. The main message is to get people talking to us rather than suffering in silence but using different aspects of feeling depressed or suffering with grief and when I think of the words, I find a graphic to match it and add the Talk to us impact words.

Thanks for your time Mark 

Below is a range of the Talk to us Campaign graphics

Closed male support group

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