Quit trying to be a Superhero

A very odd title for a blog but MEN hear me out.!!

We are taught from a very young age to suck it up and be the strong one, to not cry and to just get on with things. And when something traumatic in life comes along the first thing we try to do is fix it, Sure this isn’t a bad thing but what is bad is that we forget to look after ourselves.

I am not saying looking after your partner is a bad thing , but what is bad is forgetting that you also need to process what has happened , and to do that you need to grieve. Take some time for yourself to think , Talk to your partner or a friend and work out what’s on your mind , Pushing it to the back will eventually come back and bite you.

All you have to do is look at mental health statistics to know that we don’t do it effectively and that because of the way we were brought up and society’s expectations, Sure things are starting to change but more men need to speak up and stop worrying that society will see them as weak.

I have been there and its a bad place to be in, to constantly worry what others think of you and that they will laugh at you for showing any emotion. Stand there and look in a mirror and ask yourself this ” Am I truly Ok ” and be honest with the answer.

There are resources out there to help and one I would recommend is a WhatsApp group at Nine4Norah. I am not affiliated with Nine4Norah but the group is great and a fantastic way to gets what’s on your mind off it, You do not need to do this alone and there are others to talk with.

I interviewed Ross the operator of Nine4Norah a few month back , It was a great interview and I recommend listening to it.

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