Would I change the Last 8 Years?

**The views expressed in here are that of my own taken from my own experiences **

So for the last few days I have been sat pondering the question “would I change anything that happened in the last 8 Years?”

The short answer would be no , now that may divide opinion but its the reality i am faced with. When we lost Oliver it was like been hit by a bus , Life changed that day and we changed forever.

But a year later a miracle happened and we were very fortunate enough to have our Rainbow Evelyn who at the time of writing is 6. She is smart, beautiful and Autistic which in its own rights brings its own challenge.

Having a rainbow is not a fix to the grief though ,it brings its own complexity’s and challenges and daily struggles. And to say I would change the last 8 years would be to erase her life , and some very strong friendships I have made.

As I am writing this and reading back through there is one thing I would change though and that is the loss we suffered early this year and thats the loss of Founder of Daddys With Angels. Paul made me and many others who they are today and gave us the strength to speak out about our losses in a world where Grieving dads are still a taboo subject .

Choosing to Leave Daddys With Angels is something I will probably wrestle with for the foreseeable future , I have my own personal reasons for doing so.

As of writing I am now working with a incredible team at Angel Parents Uk under the leadership of Luanne Rimmer. I manage their social media and it is a position I truly love.

So all in all the only thing I would change is Paul passing , The man was a true Friend and Had so much more to give to the community

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